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San Pascual Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision Is CLEAR!

    Guided by a CLEAR vision that promotes Community, Leadership, Empathy, Academic Integrity, and Reflection, we are dedicated to cultivating brilliant minds, true leaders and creative passions.

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    Creative Spaces

    Design Lab (Makerspace), Media Lab, Gardens, Oh My!

    Creative, shared, and adaptable spaces allow our students' learning to flourish. 

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    Community as Partners

    Our learning is enhanced by strong community partnerships which provide students with rich experiences in each of the STEAM fields.

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    Parents as Partners

    Come visit our newly renovated Parent Center! Our community representative is here to work together with volunteers, PTA, School Site Council, and ELAC.

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    Robotics Team

    Congratulations to the Robotics Team! At the second league session on October 18, SPSM placed third, a great improvement from eighth place in September! Damian and Zoraida and their team partner achieved the first simultaneous “double hang” of the season! Thanks to SPSM parents and staff who came out to support us.  The next match is November 8th. Go Team CLEAR!


    About Us

    The foundation of our educational philosophy is the belief that students are the leaders who will design the 21st Century. We are committed to providing students with authentic learning experiences that will lead them toward becoming empathetic problem-solvers, innovators, inventors, and designers. To provide students with meaningful project-based learning experiences, our teachers are trained in the STEAM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

    Fast Facts

    STEAM Certified

    Since 2018

    Practitioner School1.0, 2.0 and 3.0  

    Since 2016

    Student Organizations (clubs)


    STEAM Magnet

    Since 2016

    Arts Network School

    Since 2015


    Paula Cordoba

    Common Sense Media School

    Since 2017

    Cal Tech Partership School

    After School Programs